Friday, October 26, 2012

A Day in Oak Park with Frank Lloyd Wright

 This past weekend my mom and Petey came for a visit!
Friday when they arrived we went out to eat at one of our favorite Chicago restaurants, Jake Melnick's.  This place is located downtown and has the most fabulous barbeque, Bloody Marys, and Hunky seems to really like their large selection of beers.

Saturday Mom, Petey, and I ventured out to Oak Park, IL, to see all things Frank Lloyd Wright.  Hunky stayed behind to study for an actuarial exam that he has coming up in a few weeks. Petey has always been a fan of FLW and throughout my life there have been many occasions that we've ventured to see his work all over the country.

Oak Park is home to Wright's family home and studio.  We took a guided walking tour through the neighborhood dotted with FLW's homes. Wearing geeky headsets we were pilgrims among the 30 or so other people wandering around the neighborhood listening to tales of gorgeous homes on iPod like devices.

 Petey and FLW monument outside Austin Gardens.  Something to check off his "bucket list"

Geeky headset at its finest... 

 It was the most perfect fall day to go on an adventure.  The joke of the day revolved around my mom's yellow coat. 

Mom: "Anna I've noticed that no one else is wearing yellow this season."
Anna: ".... yeah Mom, that color is pretty much out this year."

Petey:  "Why does that lady in the yellow coat keep following us?"
*** Eruption of giggles from Anna & Petey***


The homes on the tour were absolutely gorgeous.  Althought I don't know how I would feel having people file past my home each and every day.  Not gonna lie - it was pretty hard not to go and knock on the door and ask for a tour!

There is so much to do in Oak Park.  There is a fantastic little downtown with all kinds of shops. We were there all day touring FLW's world and never even touched upon the stomping grounds of another famous man who grew up in the area - Ernst Hemmingway!


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  1. I as a huge FLW fan! We went to Oak Park about a year ago and loved it. Then we went to Falingwater a few months ago and that was incredible too! Happy Halloween!



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