Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIY Monogrammed Flour Sack Towels

This tutorial came about while I was trying to brainstorm unique Bridal Shower gifts for Hunky's oldest sister.  This is such a fun way to use fabric pieces that you may have been unable to part with in the past, as well as create something that is truly unique and custom for your own kitchen or that of your friends or family.

Supplies: - (most of which you probably have!)

  • Flour Sack Towels
    I found the best deal/quality at Bed, Bath and Beyond
  • Paper Scissors
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Pins
  • Fabric Marker/Chalk
  • Contrasting Thread
    For basting around your template - will not be seen
  • Complementary Thread
    For attaching letter to towel - will be seen
  • Printed out letters on computer paper in fonts you love in your desired size
    (Mine are all created to fill as much of a 5x5 space a possible)
    Here are the fonts I used:
               Corduroy P -The Truth of a Thousand Lies
               Blue P - Beautiful Every Time
               Bright Yellow P- Eccentric Std.
               Light Yellow P - American Typewriter
  • Fabric pieces, leftovers, scraps large enough to fit with your template
    I used 5x5 squares of fabric that I loved too much to get rid of
  • Buckram or interfacing to make the letters sturdy
    I used four 5x5 squares

You are now going to build your monogram.
Layer the letter template over your fabric, then your buckram (or interfacing).

Pin the pieces together then sew around the letter.
Sew slowly and carefully around your template.
I used a basic straight stitch which will help hold the layers together in future steps.

Your stitching does not need to be perfect... :D

With scissors cut close to your template.
To cut out the middle of the template you can either fold and cut with scissors or use a seam ripper.
Once you have cut the letter completely carefully tear away the paper template.

Here are two finished and two in progress letters.

Pin the letter to the portion of the flour sack cloth that you would like to attach it to.
Keep in mind how the towel may be folded during future use.

Carefully, using a zig-zag stitch, sew around the letter 1 or 2 times with the pins in place.
Later, remove the pins and go around the letter several more times, in total I went around 5 times.
Don't forget to sew around any interior spaces an equal amount of times as the exterior - in order to maintain consistency in the monogram.
Once you are pleased with the look then your towel is complete.
Go on to the next, then the next, and then the next!

Your completed towels will be beautiful, custom, and have a wonderful personal feel!
I hope some of your favorite pieces of fabric that you just can't seem to part with will love their new life as Monogrammed Flour Sack Towels!


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