Saturday, March 30, 2013

First Beach Day of 2013

The sun is finally out in Chicago!!!  Although it may be a bit early to shed the winter parkas, due to the nasty wind, we are getting that springtime feeling!

Blue sky over the Hancock Building on my way to work!

Last night we broke out the bikes and rode on the Lake Shore Trail.  It was fantastic!! Hunky, Mocha, and I bundled up and got on the bikes for the first time since the fall.  Mocha was a little hesitant to get back in her basket on my bike, but after we made it to the dog beach she was okay.  We were having so much fun until the sun went down - then we rode as fast as we could back home to avoid freezing. (There are no photos from this fun adventure as I was not going to be taking my mittens off for fear of loosing fingers to cold)

This morning we revived another one of our warm weather rituals - a walk to the local beach.  Dogs are happily welcome there before 9 am when the beach is open.  I guess this time of year, since it is not officially open, you might be able to stay all day.  If Mocha had her way we would probably stay there forever.


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