Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013

** After this post you're going to think that all that Mr. Hunky and I do is run around on the beach with dogs.  Well after being crammed in a one bedroom apartment together all winter, we'd only be so lucky to get to do that all the time! **

Happy Easter 2013!
We'll call it Easter at the last moment... 
Which is what happens sometimes when you work in retail.

We started out the day by attending mass at 9:30 - aka - the most crowded mass ever!  We were standing 4 people deep - in the cathedral - it's a HUGE church - wouldn't it be great if the church was filled like that EVERY Sunday!? Anyway after a mass decorated with the most beautiful tulip displays (still kicking myself that I didn't snap a picture) we headed home and made some brunch.  I guess it was probably breakfast - although I do feel the first meal of the day on Sunday should always be referred to as brunch. After that we picked up Mocha's friend Webster and headed on a long walk.

We walked and walked and walked - until we arrived at North Avenue Beach.

As you can see the weather was interesting... I don't usually dress like this in real life. In fact those of you who acutally know me must be gasping at my footware. Yes, I do own tennis shoes and no, they don't sparkle.

So, in good fun, let's take this outfit down What I Wore Style:
 We then proceded to run around with our four-legged friends in an attempt to exhaust them and trick them into swimming. 

 I'd like to think Mocha and I have the same silhouette.

 They were so good - avoiding a dead seagull like pros. Due to exhaustion the walk back was a bit rough - but was rewarded with a good long Easter nap, (for the dogs.)

By the time we made up our minds about what we wanted to eat the grocery stores were closed... We ate a lovely dinner at a local tapas/pizza place and had delicious gelato for dessert.

How did you spend your Easter holiday?


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  1. a beautiful walk Ann-)))
    All pictures....great!!!!
    kisses from Greece


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