Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Visiting Sister Laura Dominican Sisters of Mary

A couple of weekends ago we had the opportunity to visit Hunky's little sister - who is becoming a Sister - at her convent in Indiana.  What an adventure we had!  We set out from the city at 6 am and drove for hours to the middle of a field... Where - low and behold - there is a beautiful piece of land and old brick building that house Sister Laura and her fellow first years.

 Hello Sr. Laura!!

In the past we had visited her at the Mother House in Ann, Arbor MI - where the nuns gather for holiday celebrations.  It was really neat to see Sister Laura in her "natural habitat." The convent is very well organized and everyone has jobs that keep the place running like a well oiled machine.

During the afternoon we got to catch up on all things family and life.  We also got to show her our new favorite You Tube Video - How Animals Eat Their Food - and give her many many hugs and smiles.  While in the convent we can only communicate with her through letters - which is fun reason to feed my addiction to stationary and stickers.  We try to send her one letter a week and she is able to send and receive her letters most every Sunday.

Here Sister Laura poses with her parents - my in-laws.

Whenever we visit I am always so curious about what a normal day looks like for the Sisters - with a day beginning at 5 am these ladies sure to complete a lot each day! See what a typical day looks like.

We were surprised by the arrival of Hunky's sister, Bethany, and her boyfriend, Mike, from Pittsburgh.  The visiting days for the sisters are only a few times a year - we all try our best to make it to each time! In the event that siblings are unable to attend we do a group phone call - I wish I had photos of us all sitting around a picnic table outside talking to Rachel and her husband, Nick, as well as Father Mark (Hunky's oldest brother.)  Even though we aren't able to physically able to be together it's great to communicate by phone!

Now if you haven't picked up on this before Hunky does have a sister who is a Sister - and - a brother who is a Father.  We are blessed to be part of such a devout family.  You can learn more about Hunky's brother, Father Mark, on his blog: Campion Project

 They always serve us a delicious meal before kicking us out at 4 sharp.  After a fun filled day of visiting we prepped to get back in the car and drive home before the rental car place closed at 7.  Sometimes this time limit on Sundays causes our return trips to be a bit frantic.  Thank goodness we gain an hour heading back!



  1. Love it and love you! I think you're just fabulous and I'm so lucky to get to call you my sister :)


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