Thursday, March 25, 2010

High Heels!

Nothing prepares you for Friday night more than a great pair of heels!
I'm loving these high heel themed items...

1. Twinkle Toes Glossy Print from lindaboucher
2. High Heel Stiletto Necklace from meltemsem
3. Rhinestone Heels from mleiladast
4. Custom Made Shoe Clips from LaBohem


  1. I love #1. It looks like a racier version of the Wicked Witch's shoes.

    Your design project reminded me of my classes! So much work! I am trying to get my interior design degree. Meaning I should have graduated over a year ago, but the one class I need hasn't been offered in 5 years at night! UGH! Best of luck to you with yours!

  2. those shoe clips are darling! so froo froo and girlie!

  3. You had asked what my last design class I needed was, it is Residential Design I. I have taken the second part, but the first one never seems to be offered!


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