Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Be Brave - Embrace the Maxi Dress!

Ok - So I have to admit it. I - Anna K. - had an insane fear of the maxi dress. How could someone who is barely 5'4" tall pull off a style so very fabric-y?? My sister who has about 4" on me looks great in them, women out shopping look fabulous with little effort, mothers corral their children and still maintain glamor...

Well friends, I am here today to tell you
-if I can pull off a maxi dress ---
YOU can pull off a maxi dress!

Not only are they comfortable and great for the heat wave that's been blasting MI this week - but - they are available in a million different fabrics, from almost everywhere, at every price point! Dress them up or dress them down, the maxi dress is a fantastic investment!

My friends, DO NOT fear the maxi dress! Embrace it, because if you need to wear clothes when it's 90*+ outside (which unless you live in a nudist colony is quite necessary,) you will LOVE your maxi dress...

Here are a few of my favorites...

This dress from asAda is simply beautiful - It reminds me of a watercolor painting on a very relaxed ball gown. If I wore this I would insist that Hunky Boyfriend take many many pictures of me wherever we went... :)

This lovely number from White House Black Market is my very first maxi dress! The jersey knit is just fabulous (wad it up in your weekend bag and it still looks great) and if you remember I wore it to my friend Jen's Graduation from Psychiatry School...

This dress from Larkenne has such a light and airy feel about it. I would love to go and picnic in the park wearing this lovely dress...

This dress from Forever21 is the perfect summer dress. Why? Wear it over your swim suit, out shopping, on a hot date, or if you work your accessories right to a wedding...

Have you been inspired to break out a maxi dress? If so feel free to send in pictures! We can have a celebratory "Even Normal People Can Pull Off the Maxi Dress" Post!

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  1. I love the maxi dress but alas have never worn one. After four kids my waist resembles the pillsbury dough boy and I just end up looking pregnant AGAIN !!! : ( No reason to start any gossip around here hat's for sure ! I will have to admire them from afar.

  2. I adore maxi dresses... but have yet to find one that wouldn't require extensive tailoring because it's about 15 inches too long. lol While I won't get all specific on you - 5 foot 4 is tall compared to me.

    If only I was teenage me who didn't care if the dresses I wore were WAY too long.

  3. They are all gorgeous! I think women should wear more dresses, I love dresses. T. :)

  4. i too have been afraid of the maxi dresses... but your finds are super cute, i might just have to try one out this summer!


  5. I have one that I wear all the time! I don't have any good photos of me in it though. Boo. I have a silly one, maybe I'll send it to you anyway! haha


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