Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Because Buying in Bulk is AWESOME!

Hello There!

If you remember, or if you are new, this past weekend was spent up in Northern Michigan. It was the attempted annual (I say attempted because we missed last year,) combo family of Hunky Boyfriend and Stunning Family getaway weekend. We had a lovely time, with great conversation and delicious food.

Saturday afternoon we ventured (minus the dad's) to the local Amish Bulk Food Store! I haven't been in a while and it was even more wonderful than I remember it to be...

Seriously, I never even knew there were so many flavors of jello - I do prefer the clear packaging because 1) I can reuse it and 2) Look at how pretty it is!

Hunky Boyfriend checking out the "snacky" foods. We actually purchased a bunch of dried fruit so that we can make our own trail mix - which I am pretty excited about - No more feeding the parts I don't like to the birds! I'll try to post photos of that process when we get around to it! :)

Just a friendly reminder for those who may try to walk off with a 50lb bag of flour, or a 12 lb chocolate bar...

Today's Etsy finds are those that you can buy in bulk!

Here is a listing for any 3 of these reusable totes from happyfamily

You will receive 4 of these neat flower heart charms from Storybooksupplies

This listing is for 5 pocket mirrors - so handy to have around! From littlepinkplum

A colorful mixture of 20 felt owls and birds on key rings! From lovahandmade

What do you buy in bulk?

Click Above to enter to win $20 of Heirloom Seeds from Etsian azuredandelion!


  1. Great post and great finds! The only things I really buy in bulk have to do with my letterpress. I buy paper, envelopes, ink & packing in bulk!

  2. oh my, that food place looks amazing! and i love how you tied in the etsy finds... great post!


  3. Looks like a fun store! I usually buy puppy food for the dog and tissue paper for my poms in bulk.

  4. I love those tote bags and key rings! Have a great day!

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  6. Bulk Jello ! Who knew I guess they were the first Costco ! I love those owls. Hmmm I bulk up on cereal, toilet paper, veggie sausage for kids breakfast, bread and snacks....these kids are eating me out of house and home !


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