Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Someone to Note * Sam from Hundy and Undy

In the blog world you can stumble upon some pretty fabulous people. Sam, from Hundy & Undy, happens to be just that, a fabulous person!

Meet Sam - Student. Fashionista. Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire. Wearer of the Maxi Dress!

^ Sam, rocking her super cute maxi dress!

I love Sam's Blog Hundy & Undy for about a million reasons...
... here are just a few:

1) Each post features items that total under $100

2) Sam has a great eye for fashion and her choices are very diverse.

3) She provides links where you can find those fabulous deals for yourself!

4) The look and feel of her blog just makes you want to stay and click around...

This is one of my most recent favorite under $100 outfits. Great for the "June Gloom" in SoCal or the unpredictable Michigan Summer! Isn't the outfit adorable? Click to photo to go to the post for more details!

Take a moment to check out Hundy & Undy today - I'm pretty sure you'll love it and become hooked!

My Black Eyed Susan Headband was featured in a Treasury!

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  1. Great new-to-me blogger! I love that she puts together such fantastic outfits for under $100 :)

  2. Outfits all under $100?? I'm lovin' that!! Off to check them out...

  3. BTW:
    Maxi dress, Apt.9 at Kohl's, $35.99
    Jacket, clearance at Sears 5 years ago, $12.99
    cuff bracelet, Forever21, $5.90
    Sam Edelman INSPIRED sandals that you can't see, Ross, $12.99
    Necklace, self made, supplies = $15.00

    Total: $82.87

  4. Sam, I just imagine you have a database of everything you have and what you paid for it! Love it!

  5. Love that under $100 outfit and congrats on being in a treasury.

  6. i love Sam's style. :) i totally feel ya on the unpredictable weather -- it's been 'most-of-the-entire-freakin'-summer-gloom' around these parts. sheesh.

    congrats on the treasury!

  7. She does look like she is ready for world domination in that picture !


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