Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Or don't have an Etsy wedding...

Oh hey, guys! Guess who! Yes, still Kristin. I hope you guys love me as much as I love you!

Because I showed you some beautiful wedding-related items from Etsy last week, I thought I'd show you some ugly wedding-related items from Etsy this week.

Get ready.

This is the item that inspired this post. It's a garter from a shop that actually has a lot of cute stuff, but this one makes me want to throw up. There are also other brands of beer, if you'd prefer.

Next are these terrible shoe sticker things. Now, I've seen the shoe sticker thing done in a not-horrible way also, but this one just looks so bad! And the "Lucky me" on the guy's shoes reads as sarcastic to me, even though it's obviously not supposed to.

This next one just takes the cake, in my opinion. It is a black clutch with a navy blue flower. Really? Does anyone have these two colors together as their wedding colors? Because if so, I'm sorry. For them and their guests.


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  1. Yuck... reminds me of that show, Big Fat Redneck Wedding.


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